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Nike Air Jordan 5 'Grape'

Maybe if we all start heckling Nike together they will see fit to retro these again. I could really go for a pair, just cannot justify the £400 price tag. Picture courtesy of kicksonfire.


Roger Dean

Although I don’t like to make a habit of agreeing with Jack Black, in the case of the keyboard solo from Roundabout by Yes, I can make an exception.

However, Wakeman’s nimble fingers are not the main reason for my post. The album art for several Yes releases was handled by Roger Dean, who also designs and paints some incredible fantasy landscapes and structures. I have posted a few of my favourites below, and you can check out more of his work here.

EDIT: I’ve been informed the middle picture is in fact by Benedict Bowen. My mistake! Find out more about him here.

Mateusz Kolek

Been a bit slack on the blog posting today as I had the first full day of my internship at Fabrica. They have had some really interesting exhibits over the last 14 years, recently including Brian Eno’s 77 Million Paintings. A new work by Frederic Gurts is being constructed at the moment, so it would be well worth checking out if you are in the Brighton area between the 10th and 30th of July. Will hopefully include a few more things from my time on the internship in coming posts.

Anyway, I came across Mateusz Kolek a little while ago via the Freshbump website. I really like his illustrations, particularly ‘Longing for the Sun’, which is posted above. Check out his website for lots more of his work.

New Members Welcome

Posted above is the documentary filmed by a team of students at the University of Sussex for their final course submission. Jackson Ducasse, Oscar Gordon-Lyons, Michael Botwright and James Scott have created a piece of work that far exceeds their course expectations, handling the subject of the ailing Brighton Trades Social Club with sensitivity and aplomb. I look forward to the next piece of work from this group and, with filming for a new project due to start in a couple of weeks, I hope to have further details and perhaps an interview to post at a later date.

G-Funk Special – BattleCat

Some G-Funk for your Friday…

Not that I need an excuse to post up videos of BattleCat doing his thing, but it ties in, albeit tenuously, with the upcoming album from fellow G-Funk luminary and California resident, MC Eiht. As well as having Premo as executive producer, a fair few tracks on Which Way is West are produced by Brenk, one of which is So Well.

Brenk has also recently released Chop Shop, a split album of beats with Italian producer Fid Mella as part of the Hi Hat Club series from the ever excellent MPM label. Additionally, in an interview with German magazine Juice (anyone fancy translating for me?), Guilty Simpson mentioned Brenk as one of his favourite producers of the moment – really looking forward to hearing the results of this.

Mix Master Mike & Saafir

I saw this video over on Culture King, a highly recommended blog worth checking out for, among a host of other goodies, their excellent coverage of the Red Bull Big Tune beat battle in LA. This video is an excerpt from Mike’s Wrists of Fury VHS from 1997. As well as bugged out cuts and scratches from the Mix Master, it features the lyrical talents of Saafir, an MC from Oakland CA who put out some interesting releases during the mid to late 90s. Below is the video for Light Sleeper, which sports some awesome old school green screen effects…

Onra – Long Distance

The sun sets over a glistening Miami Beach. Clad in a pale blue linen suit, pink shirt and white golf shoes, you glance over the rim of your strawberry daiquiri at the peroxide blonde gyrating on the dance floor adjacent. You consider returning to the toilets before grabbing the keys to the Countach and disappearing off into the sunset…

Tempting as it is to continue with this clichéd metaphor, it does Long Distance little justice. Although the teaser video seems to pay obvious homage to Crockett, Tubbs and Rockstar’s Vice City, Onra has created a shuffling, deftly syncopated slap bass cornucopia that is far more innovative and original than you might initially be lead to believe. Back in 2008, following the digital release of his previous album, 1.0.8, Onra mentioned that his next full length record would be radically different. His stint at the Red Bull Music Academy in Barcelona (which also inspired Are You Satisfied, a collaboration with classmates Dorian Concept, Pursuit Grooves and Fatima), looks to be a big influence on his change of sound. My Comet, initially released as one of the All City 7×7 7”s in the same year, heads up the list of highlights from the album, sounding no less like future funk than it did 2 years ago. The track is vast, lumbering forth with explosive, crashing snares and a clinically obese bass line. High Hopes is a true neck snapper, with unashamedly filthy slap bass and echoing vocals provided by Reggie B. The Long Distance/High Hopes 12” released just before the album features instrumental versions of both, as well as a couple of other beats from the album, and is well worth a look. To The Beat has to be my current favourite, combining Walter Mecca’s chopped vocal fragments with a tight electro beat and hazy synths. Someone with Final Cut skills ought to butcher Breakin’ and create a video for this one – Turbo would murder this beat. Jeeps pitches down a vocal sample from Bahamadia’s UNKNOWHOWWEDU, and is pure filth.

Although there are places in which the influences of Onra’s fellow producers are apparent, and I find some of the vocals to be a little overbearing at times, Onra manages to weave a glistening 80s sound with fresh and inventive production. Long Distance receives a strong 4/5, and is available on double LP now, with the CD coming at some point later this month.

Nike Air Force STS

Came across these today whilst reading up on the legacy of the Nike Air Force 1. Why Nike chose to continue the Air Force 2 while neglecting the STS is a mystery to me. Image courtesy of

Nike Air Max 1 QS

Although these have been on the market for a little while now, I thought I would post them up as I have been after them for a minute. They’re a little out of my price range at the moment so now would be a good time to mention that Main Source, Norwich’s finest sneaker boutique, has just got some new stock in. Image courtesy of

Reebok Pump Omni Lite Heineken

Not sure about the perforated detailing but on the whole I think Reebok are on to a winner. Unfortunately this is yet another collaborative shoe released in tiny numbers and is therefore out of the question. One can dream. Image courtesy of

Here’s a man who shares my fondness for a cool Heiney, remix by the French producer Dela…