New Members Welcome

Posted above is the documentary filmed by a team of students at the University of Sussex for their final course submission. Jackson Ducasse, Oscar Gordon-Lyons, Michael Botwright and James Scott have created a piece of work that far exceeds their course expectations, handling the subject of the ailing Brighton Trades Social Club with sensitivity and aplomb. I look forward to the next piece of work from this group and, with filming for a new project due to start in a couple of weeks, I hope to have further details and perhaps an interview to post at a later date.


7 responses to “New Members Welcome

  1. Worry not readers, this will be available again at some point in the near future.

  2. I saw this! Throughout, I could only fantasise about what you could do with the place. They could easily raise some money hiring it out for a few one-off events, like a Great War dance hall night, with sandbags for a bit of an air-raid shelter look – the place is the perfect delapidated setting…although delapidated is probably why they haven’t done much (health n safety?)…

    • Health and Safety can mean the death of places like this – I don’t think the smoking ban will have done it any favours either.

  3. Jackson Ducasse


    Sorry about having to make ‘New Members Welcome’ private on Vimeo.

    Callum I can send you a .mov file of New Members Welcome if you would like?

    Thank you for your support also!!


    • Hi Jackson, that would be fantastic. Really impressive piece of work, I look forward to your next project!

      • Jackson Ducasse

        Hi Callum,

        Sorry that I have not yet sent you a digital copy of New Members Welcome.

        I didnt realise you posted a reply to my message and also you did not ad your email address onto the post.

        Anyway, New Members Welcome is about to go back online at – please direct your blog readers to this site if they wish to view the site – also I am available for interview if you should wish to do this for your blog.

        All the best,

        Jackson Ducasse

      • Hi Jackson, thanks for the reply. I will link the location of the new video through to High-Rise as soon as it is available.

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