Roger Dean

Although I don’t like to make a habit of agreeing with Jack Black, in the case of the keyboard solo from Roundabout by Yes, I can make an exception.

However, Wakeman’s nimble fingers are not the main reason for my post. The album art for several Yes releases was handled by Roger Dean, who also designs and paints some incredible fantasy landscapes and structures. I have posted a few of my favourites below, and you can check out more of his work here.

EDIT: I’ve been informed the middle picture is in fact by Benedict Bowen. My mistake! Find out more about him here.


4 responses to “Roger Dean

  1. Have you come across Rodney Matthews? Awesome at rock formations:

  2. Fantastic! I was just looking up Roger Dean concept art and came across this post. The middle picture is actually a really old bit of digital art by me. There’s no deeper honour than to be mixed up with Roger Dean though – thanks!

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