Monthly Archives: July 2010

Taking a Break

On a bit of a hiatus for the next week or so – moving house and festivaling all at the same time. Will return stronger than ever though, hopefully with some longer bits of writing for your enjoyment. In the meantime, listen to Third Sight…


Final day at Fabrica

It was the last day of my internship with Fabrica today so I wrote them a farewell blog post that can be found here. I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Fabrica and it’s inhabitants, it has definitely made me realise what valuable an addition it is to Brighton. The next installation should be awesome – the Brighton Photo Biennial, featuring men in hats, dustbins, and the insides of 1970s dictator’s private jets. And so onwards and upwards – something from the Fondle ’em stable…

Vincent Mauger

I first encountered Vincent Mauger while working with Fabrica on their Exhibition Archive. It’s been a real pleasure to sort through the list of artists that they have played host to, and Mauger is one of many I have been introduced to recently. The Undercroft, pictured above, combines mathematical precision with notions of craftsmanship and artistic gesture. It reminds me a little of  Continue reading

The Vader Project

If I were a monied gentleman then I would happily throw $3,000 at this customised Darth Vader helmet. Designed by Jesse Hernandez, it is part of the most recent incarnation of The Vader Project, a collection of 100 pieces auctioned off last weekend in Philadelphia. Although bidding started at a hefty $1,500, all the helmets were sold, leaving the rest of us to settle for a full colour catalogue of the auction. Image comes courtesy of Format, who also have an interview with Dov Kelemer, curator of The Vader Project, posted here.

Nike SB Civil Dunk

I think Nike and Civil have nailed it with this one – simple colours combined with an interesting selection of materials. Will certainly be keeping an eye out for these in the coming months, there could be a long overdue birthday purchase on the cards. Picture courtesy of

The Archive

This week I have finally managed to get the first few sections of the Fabrica Exhibition Archive online. The entries for Blood Relations by Anish Kapoor and Chameleon by Tina Gonsalves are pretty much complete so have a look and let me know what you think. It is all  still a work in progress so any helpful suggestions are appreciated. The latest exhibition, A Fine Line by Frederic Guerts, officially opens tomorrow. To finish, here is some horrid sweaty grot from Samiyam.

Blu – Big Bang Big Boom

This animated paint journey is directed and animated by Blu. I saw his brilliant ‘Muto’ piece a few years ago and I reckon this one could be even better. You can find Muto and bunch of other videos by Blu on his Vimeo page. Thanks to Dave for the heads up.

AT-AT Day Afternoon

Just came across Patrick Bolvin’s new film on Highsnobeity – the ultimate house pet in my opinion. Now on the look out for a Kenner AT-AT Walker, I had forgotten how much I wanted one of these. Patrick has also produced a showdown between Bruce Lee and Iron Man that can be found on his            Vimeo page.

Guest Post for Fabrica

Laurence, head of digital media at Fabrica, invited me to post on the gallery blog to relay to their followers exactly what I am up to. You can find my post on the Fabrica blog here, which is worth keeping an eye on anyway if you are at all interested contemporary art or sculpture. Frederic’s new installation is really shaping up now – I am hoping he will let me put up some work in progress photos as it looks amazing, even in its germinal stages. Anyway, back to business as usual I am afraid – here is some Jamal for your thursday…