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rbst x Cubeecraft

For a little while now Robeast has been hard at work creating flat pack models of your favourite hip hop legends, perfect for anyone in need of desk mascots, shelf champions or stereo dwellers. To celebrate his birthday, Robeast has produced a special edition of model of Lord Quas, complete with shelltoe sneaks, 3D wall playset and can of Krylon. I have posted the Bad Character below, along with some of his mates. For those wanting to make a long lasting Lord, be sure to print the design onto card or thick paper and use a very sharp knife. Click on the pictures below Continue reading


New TOM YUM Beat Tape

More music from TOM YUM aka the Legendary TP. This time it’s a 17 track tape of the freshest beats for your listening pleasure. Contained within is a mixture of instrumentals and remixes, creative chops, phreaking, and one of my favourite tunes of late, TOM YUM’s remix of Cash Money by Homeliss Derelix. Time to get to know people, you can download the beat tape below…

TOM YUM – Uuuuuuuuh

Sunday Steely

I have been having a bit of a Steely Dan revival over the last couple of weeks and, inspired by the raft of Sunday songs people have mentioned today, I though I would post up my selection. It is a bit of a cop out as this particular tune has been getting a battering all week. Enjoy.


“I don’t want to spend my entire life dreaming. I don’t want to always think how I have to work half a year just so I could buy some thing.”

For the impressionable graduate, the Mesrine films offer an exciting world of alternatives to the grad scheme and the internship. Why sacrifice your left-wing ideals for the sake of massive financial gain when you can have both at the same time? The banks have caused us enough trouble as it is; why not loot two of them in the same heist? There is even the opportunity to travel the world, though you may wish to limit your choice of destinations to countries with a slow extradition process. However Continue reading

Puma x Size? x Bodega Blaze of Glory

While not a massive Puma fan, I have had a bit of a thing for the Blaze of Glory ever since their collaboration with Sneaker Freaker. This latest offering is strictly limited to 180 pairs of each shoe, and comes courtesy of a collaboration with Bodega and Size? Sadly though, they only stock up to size 11. Size? Preferably a UK12 please.

If you are lucky enough to have smaller feet than me, you can pick up a pair here.

The Art of Studio Ghibli

Although a Hayao Miyazaki fan for a few years now, I have only recently discovered The Art of… series from the Studio Ghibli Library. These books contain concept art and alternative sketches for many of the characters and locations from the film, and reveal the complex process of blending CGI with traditional animation, a technique used predominantly in more recent Ghibli creations. So far I have picked up The Art of Miyazaki’s Spirited Away and The Art of Howl’s Moving Castle, both of which offer interviews with the animators and artists along with high quality images. The level of detail found in the matte paintings is astonishing; the photos below give some idea (photos courtesy of Parka 81).

I have been an avid fan of Hayao Miyazaki’s work ever since I saw Porco Rosso several years ago. Although initially the films may appear to be directed at a younger audience, they offer plot complexities and a visual style distinct from  Continue reading

TOM YUM – Underground Hip Hop Mix 2010

Some mandatory listening here – a brand new classic Hip Hop mix from TOM YUM, the artist formerly known as the Legendary TP. It contains wall to wall bangers, including Make It Happen by J Treds and the amazing Large Pro remix of Common’s Resurrection. Listen and download below…

New Members still Welcome

Just a short post to say that the documentary New Members Welcome has been made publicly available again, this time through Spine TV. New Members Welcome offers a look inside the Brighton Trades and Labour Club, consisting of a series of interviews with the many characters that frequent it. If you did not check it out when I first posted it then I strongly recommend you do so now as it is well worth watching! Once again, I’m really looking forward to further work by this team and wish them the best of luck in the future.

New Members Welcome

Small Hours

As satisfying as it is to discover a particularly evasive sample source after months of searching, I find stumbling upon them can be just as rewarding. As part of my recent foray into the work of the great John Martyn, I was listening to One World (1977) late last night, and the track Small Hours sounded hauntingly familiar.

When working on One World, Martyn employed a number of then experimental recording and production techniques, working with one of the fathers of Dub, Lee Scratch Perry. Small Hours was recorded outside, in the courtyard of a house situated in the middle of a lake in Teale, Berkshire. As well playing through an echoplex to achieve the delay on the main guitar part, Martyn set up recording equipment on Continue reading