TightFace – Remixes & Root Veg

A very talented producer by the name of TightFace released this into the internetosphere several months ago. I know a few people picked up Remixes & Root Veg back then, but every time I listen to it I am reminded of how incredibly well produced it is. Some of the most imaginative and inspiring hip hop I have heard in ages. Highlights for me would have to be Feel This, Wind Shuffle, and his remix of Nas’ Book of Rhymes, though the entire collection excellent. Those in need of a download should click the link below.

TightFace – Remixes & Root Veg


11 responses to “TightFace – Remixes & Root Veg

  1. themarcoberger@gmail.com

    Hey can you please reup the Remixes and Root Veg Package? I really dig the book of rhymes remix, but in tightface’s Treasures of 5 Boros there are only 1 or 2 minutes…. Would be awesome… or you can send it.. 🙂

    greetings from germany,

  2. Aww, shit, naaaa. Re-up please Mr Callum?

  3. could you re up root veg, cheers

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