Oslo SP Ensemble

More of the best hip hop production you ever heard, this time courtesy of Oslo SP Ensemble. The SP Shit series of mixes they put out has been getting a battering up at the High-Rise over the last few weeks, so I thought I would post a few links. Oslo SP Ensemble are FredFades, DeckDaddy and John Rice, the fourth member of the team being, as the name suggests, the SP 1200. This stuff is about as good as Hip Hop production gets, so it goes without saying that you should have a listen to it immediately. Below you will find links to download all five of the SP Shit mixes, just click on the covers for each one. You can purchase high quality hard copies of SP Shit Volumes 4 and 5 from this website too.

FredFades  also runs a blog with lots of music and links to his menagerie of other projects, and is involved with Goodshit Radio, bringing quality Hip Hop to you from the frigid plains of Norway – “No bling, no bullshit, no commercialized crap – just good rap”, something we can all get behind.


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