Ahu Mixes Paul White

Yesterday, I found myself mired in the deepest recesses of the internet, attempting to dig out a download link for this mix to send to a friend. After a bit of searching, it turned out  the website that previously hosted the mix had disappeared off the face of the planet. Luckily, your man at High-Rise still has a copy, so he got in touch with the good folks at One Handed Music to bring it back for all those who missed it the first time around. What you have in front of you is some of the finest work that Paul White has put out, selected and mixed by singer/producer Ahu (Dolly). In fact, I reckon it is one of the best instrumental hip hop mixes ever conceived. The majority of the mix comprises of unreleased tracks, and includes his beautiful remix of Democustico’s Paz which appeared on their Six Sketches EP. Click below to listen/download.

Needless to say, Paul White is still putting out interesting music. I just picked up his latest release, And Nico/Goes to Hollywood, and I suggest you do too. Thanks to Alex at One Handed for getting this mix posted up again.


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