The Dark Lens

Although I have had these photos knocking around on my laptop for a little while now, I thought I would post them in order to vary the content of High-Rise a little. Cedric Delsaux brings the Star Wars Universe tantalising close to reality by inserting characters and vehicles from the films into photographs of a Dubai under construction.

Dubai itself looks fantastic. The photos are very well produced and oddly static, sheer pornography for anyone who, like me, enjoys absorbing every detail of a particularly grotty alleyway. As well as the Dark Lens collection, Cedric Delsaux has taken many other incredible landscape photographs, including some of the best I have seen of post-fallout Pripyat.

To view The Dark Lens in its entirety, and to check out Cedric’s other work, go to For more information on the Dark Lens exhibition, check out The Empty Quarter.

‘Rejoice and shiver, imagination has invaded everything.’


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