The Return of Grap Luva

There have been some exciting noises coming out of Redef Records recently. Along with a new Damu the Fudgemunk album, Supply for Demand, comes the news that Grap Luva is returning with a new 12″ and possibly instrumental album via Redef. The new single, Work It Out b/w Neva Dun, features production from Joc Max and Kev Brown – check out the preview.

I first ran into Grap Luva on the InI classic, Fakin’ Jax, where he featured alongside Rob-O, Rass, Marco Polo and his older brother, a producer by the name of Pete Rock. Damu has filmed a couple of videos of Grap in the studio playing through some unreleased beats and talking about his journey through music with his father and the Soul Brother. If these videos are anything to go by then the instrumentals album would be an utterly essential purchase. If you are reading this Grap, please make it happen!

To stay up to date on news from Redef Records and to preorder a copy of Damu’s new album, check out this website and that blog. The dope Redef logo is by the talented Joe Buck.

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