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The festive period brings many hazards, so when you have had enough of Dad’s boring stories, Grandma’s insistent questioning and your creepy Uncle coming on to you, grab your laptop, hide away in your safe place and enjoy this. Voxel was created by a pair of animation directors collectively known as Ubik for the first F5 Festival in New York. The name of the video is derived from the volumetric pixels, or voxels, that are used to create the clouds, rain and vegetation. You can find more videos by Ubik on their Youtube channel and check out their website here. Info on the 2011 F5 Festival can be found here.

Brooklyn Flower

The good people at Redef recently posted a new instrumental track from Damu the Fudgemunk called Brooklyn Flower. The track is a reworking of the Ramsey Lewis and Minnie Ripperton versions of Les Fleurs by Charles Stepney, with a sly Keith Murray sample thrown in for good measure. It’s one of the best Damu beats I have heard recently and fans of his will know this means it is well worth a listen. Brooklyn Flower has been produced for Slice of Spice Records and there is a 7″ on the way. Until then, you can download the song for free here (right click and save) and get the latest from Redef Records on the Wonkabeats blog. The cover art was produced by Joe Buck:

Main Sauce

If you’ve managed to make it this far without buying any Christmas presents then at this late stage there is only one course of action to take. Buy chipotle. This humble Mexican chilli is essentially a jalapeño that has been allowed to ripen on the bush and then smoked dried for several days until it resembles a ritualistic shrunken body part. There are several ways to get chipotle into your system, and below you will find a handy guide to the basic types of the humble smoked chilli.

Dried Chipotle – The first on the list is chipotle at it’s most basic, straight from the smokehouse and in all it’s shrivelled glory. As the skin is quite tough, dried chipotles are best chopped up and used in slow cook dishes, or infused in hot water and added as a liquid.

Chipotle en Adobo – Here, whole chipotles are marinated in a sauce of tomato, vinegar, garlic, salt and spices. As a result of being submerged in this mixture the chillies are much more tender and taste Continue reading


Here is an early Christmas present for fellow scratch DJs or anyone in need of many loops. Yourlooper is a database of flash-based loop tracks created by various artists in a variety of different styles. The ‘loopers’ themselves are easy to use, free to download, and could be used for just about anything. Below is a reasonably smug DJ Rafik cutting over a beat from Looper 2 by Le Jad.

Each looper opens in Flash and features a custom control panel with beats laid out for your looping pleasure. I have only downloaded a few collections so far and they range from standard hip hop instrumentals to fast electro beats in the style Q Bert and Needle Thrashers. Some of the panels look pretty standard with numbered buttons laid out for ease of use while others make you work for your loops by hiding them in images. ‘Paradigme’ is the best looking one I have seen…

Check out to find the full selection of loopers and to comment or post videos of your efforts.


This was supposed to be a solitary Sunday song post but Kool Keith got the better of me and we have triple the pleasure as a result. I first heard Godfather Don as part of The Cenobites, his collaborative effort with Keith on the Fondle ‘Em label (a favourite at High-Rise). I have posted a couple of choice cuts off The Cenobites LP as well as the Don’s tribute to depraved homicide and this week’s Sunday beat, Sadistic. It is well worth looking up some of the names he mentions on Wikipedia for some comforting bedtime reading; John Wayne Gacy or Albert Fish for instance. Sadistic also appeared in TOM YUM’s Underground Hip Hop Mix so get to know that if you haven’t already.

Nike Air Force 180 Union ‘Clerks Pack’

Does anyone know where these have gone? Did Nike even produce them in a size 12/13? How can a pair of shoes this tasteless be so desirable? The Air 180 Union, a collaboration between Nike and Union Los Angeles, is still at the pointy end of my hit list and has been for a while now. They were difficult to find on release back in 2005 and seem to be almost impossible to find now. Anyone know of a size 12UK pair floating about?.

Uggh…Nice Watch

Brendan Frederick has been keeping heads educated since 2002, serving as editor in chief for both Mass Appeal Magazine and Scratch Magazine with freelance work appearing in many more publications. As you might expect, BFred’s personal blog, Uggh…Nice Watch, contains an impressive amount of knowledge in the form of compilations that are free to download. It also features one of the best header designs I have ever seen. I’m working my way through these selections at the moment…

Be sure to check out the full selection over at and follow BFred on Twitter. At present, BFred is the Deputy Editor at Complex Magazine where he takes care of business on the daily website.

Nike Air PR1

Back in the late 80s Nike made an ill-fated attempt to steal Reebok’s thunder by creating their own Pump trainer. Known as the Nike Air Pressure, it was by all accounts a pretty awful shoe, featuring a cumbersome air nozzle mounted on the heel with a separate pump and a price tag of almost $200. Due to the construction of the shoe, if you pumped the air pockets up to maximum capacity you would have trouble walking. Aside from this, they looked good in white, grey and red, and came in an undeniably awesome/pointless plastic box/backpack. These examples are clean but obviously on their way out…

It is unlikely Nike would ever consider reissuing the Air Pressure so a throwback colourway of Continue reading

Love Is What We Need

High-Rise is staying strictly throwback with another classic mix, this time from Doctor’s Orders Brighton resident Rusty Ryan. Originally put out in summer 2009, Love Is What We Need features a sun kissed selection of hip hop, funk and soul that includes cuts from Curtis Mayfield, The Delfonics, A Tribe Called Quest, Pete Rock, Slum Village and J Dilla. Go below to listen and download, and remember to keep it in the red at all times.

You can follow Rusty on Twitter and check out his SoundCloud for new mixes in the future. Word from the wire tap says that there could be another mix from him on the way soon, so keep it locked on High-Rise for the latest.

Main Source is Six

My local sneaker store turns six tomorrow and is handing out free Christmas goodies to those making a purchase on the day. Main Source first appeared back in 2004, tucked away down St. Benedict’s Street close to other Norwich landmarks like Soundclash and the Norwich Arts Centre. The ‘Source quickly outgrew this tiny store and moved to the slick new boutique on Pottergate you see in the pictures (props to photographer James Bass).

The service I have received from Main Source has always been excellent, whether buying a pair of Air Structures or some very reasonably priced De La Soul Dunk SBs. For my money, Main Source offers a better selection of shoes than larger chain stores like Size? and Offspring.  Continue reading