All About The Beats

I have been off digging in the High-Rise mixtape vaults to bring you some more exclusive throwback business from TOM YUM aka Legendary TP. His All About The Beats series features music from J Dilla, Kankick, Jneiro Jarel, Black Moon, Flying Lotus and many others. This list alone should be enough to persuade you to have a listen. If you are not familiar with the work of TOM YUM, be sure to check out the Music section for more of his handywork, and hit up his SoundCloud. Click below for links to each volume:

All About The Beats Vol. 1

All About The Beats Vol. 2

All About The Beats Vol. 3

Word on the street is that we might be in for another one of these in the not too distant future. Stay tuned boppers, stay tuned…

All About The Beats Vol. 1

Madlib – Beat 24
Flying Lotus – Raw Cartoons 1
Jay Dee – Beat 13
Kankick – Shoot Ya Shot
Homeliss Derilex – Cash Money
Dj Spinna – Idols
Jay Dee – Dedication To The Suckas
J Live – Satisfied
Madlib – Beat 30
Jay Dee – Beat 2
Peanut Butter Wolf – Lunar Props
Kankick – Flowers For Minnie
Super Smoky Soul – Jingle
Dabrye – Game Over
Birdy Nam Nam – Too Much Skunk Tonight
Flying Lotus – Two Bottom Blues
Madlib – Beat 43
Jay Dee – Beat 11
Kankick – Seeing Spirits
Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf – My World Premiere (Remix)
Cyrus the Great – Black Terminator
Madlib – Beat 27
Cyrus The Great – Ibm
Renee Costy – Scrabble
J Dilla – Fuck The Police
Jaylib – Mcnasty Filth
Jaylib – Raw Shit
Madlib – Beat 2
Roddy Rod – Beat 8
Super Smoky Soul – Geek Beat
Kankick – Advanced Balance
Dj Spinna – Tune You Out
Quasimoto – Broad Factor
Madlib – Planned Attack
David Axelrod – Warning
Mos Def – Hip Hop
Pharcyde – Runnin
Reflection Eternal – 2000 Seasons
Brand New Heavies – Sometimes (Remix)
Maspyke – Summatime
Jneiro Jarel – Lockdown
J Dilla – Jackpot

All About The Beats Vol. 2

Flying Lotus – Lightworks
Heralds Of Change – Asswank
Biz Markie – Studda Step
Take – Slouched Over
Hubert Daviz – War Games
40 Winks – Wizardry
Slum Village – Get Dis Money
Egon – Interlude 3
Fredfades & Deckdaddy – Sp Shit #1 Beat
Lokid – Horntalk
Onra – I Wanna Go Back
Powell – ?????
Reflection Eternal Ft. Bahamadia – Chaos
Suff Daddy – High Adventures Beat
Sotu The Traveller – Winter 07
Slum Village – Players
Dr Whodat? – Deep Blaque
Madmen – Morning Herb
Carlos Nino & Miguel Atwood Ferguson – Nag Champa
Hugh Hopper & Allan Gowen – Morning Order
Common – Nag Champa
Fredfades & Deckdaddy – Sp Shit #1 Beat
Onra – Intro
Chocolate Rain – Tay Zonday (Remix)
Take – Dream Suite
Paul White – A Tear
Jaylib – Smootherness
Samiyam – ?????

All About The Beats Vol. 3

Family Matters – Knxwl3dg3
Vitamin – Powell
Track 10 – Dert (Floyd)
Tightrope – Kenny Keys
Garage Band – Waajeed/Dilla
For Progressive Minds – Mono/Poly
My Favourite Ladies – MF DOOM
One Take – Medi Cal
Ibandan Sunrise – Wale Oyejide
Beat Grinder – Damu The Fudgemunk/Joe Buck
One Little Indian – Little Indian
One Little Indian – J Dilla Mix
Swing – Camp Lo
Dove – Cymande
Father Time – Saukrates
The Score – Diamond D
Whayback – Artifacts
Illvibe – Q Tip/Busta
97 Beat – Kankick
Come And Play… – Stereolab
Jamas Jame Jamon – Mweslee
San Pedro Cactus – Exile
Dreamflower – Tarika Blue
Negotiations – Batsauce
Let It All Hang Out – A.D.O.R.
Humpty Dumpty – Marc Moulin
Persuasion – Throbbing Gristle
Eternal – Black Milk/Baatin
Bohemian Beat – Apollo Brown
Dedicated – Funkdoobiest
R U Listenin – Jdilla
Passin Me By – Hot Chip Mix
The Break – Adagio
Tuesday Never Comes – Take
Shine On – Georgia/Dudley
Powers Of Nine Ether – Scienz Of Life
Cannabis – Fluent
Luchini – Camp Lo
Before The Dawn – Patrice Rushen
Love – Jdilla
Cake Slump/Trees Up – G Rocka
Chrome Dreams – Beat Konducta
Feel It – Diamond D/Sadat X
Hazeem Beat
Projects – Fredfades/Deckdaddy
Track 10 – Dibiase
Busta – Waajeed/Dilla
Remember Me – Hayzee
Get Touched Remix – Saukrates
Spontaneity – Bahamadia
I Used To Love H.E.R. – Common
Ice Cream – G Rocka
La Rotta – John Renbourn


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