Nike Air PR1

Back in the late 80s Nike made an ill-fated attempt to steal Reebok’s thunder by creating their own Pump trainer. Known as the Nike Air Pressure, it was by all accounts a pretty awful shoe, featuring a cumbersome air nozzle mounted on the heel with a separate pump and a price tag of almost $200. Due to the construction of the shoe, if you pumped the air pockets up to maximum capacity you would have trouble walking. Aside from this, they looked good in white, grey and red, and came in an undeniably awesome/pointless plastic box/backpack. These examples are clean but obviously on their way out…

It is unlikely Nike would ever consider reissuing the Air Pressure so a throwback colourway of the Air PR1 is about the closest we are going to get. It takes inspiration from the original shoe, but adds an Air Jordan III sole and removes the bulky pump heel assembly. While not as high as the O.G. Pressures (and we at High-Rise are all about height), it makes for a wearable pair of sneaks at a fraction of the price.

Nike had another go with air pump technology a couple of years later and produced the more successful Nike Air Command Force, made famous by its appearance on the feet of one Billy Hoyle. Try to pick up any of Nike’s pump efforts on eBay and you will be looking at paying astronomical sums of money for sneaks that are likely to be unwearable. The PR1s, however, go on sale soon as a House of Hoops exclusive. Follow the London store on Facebook for the latest news on the release.


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