Cubee Domo Kun

More from High-Rise’s favourite flat pack mascot producer RBST, this time in the form of a Cubeecraft Domo Kun. In case you were wondering, according to the writer of the Domo comic book this character wears an expression of more or less permanent fascination, “a sort of cheery wonderment”. So if you could use a three-dimensional cardboard version of a creature that was hatched from an egg and passes wind when frightened, I have just the thing for your warped little fantasy. Click here:

RBSTxCubeecraft Domo Kun (pdf)

Be sure to take a look at the RBST website and blog for more Cubeecraft creations, and follow RBSTweet for timely updates. Check out some of his other creations below in this handy seamless background (click for full size copy).


2 responses to “Cubee Domo Kun

  1. CUBE DOMO KUN! Blending everything thats great (cubes, animals, bright colours) into one fantastic package. I’m gonna get the prit-stick out.

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