Donky Pitch

Donky Pitch, Brighton synth terrorists and friends of High-Rise, have been making a nuisance of themselves down on the South Coast for well over a year now. Their club nights combine a quality assortment of bass music from across the planet with a friendly and unpretentious atmosphere, and the latest pressing from the Donky Pitch record label, the Donky Stomp EP, will tear your ears several new ones. The staff at High-Rise have enjoyed many an evening in the company of the Donky crew so, as the turn of the decade is as good an occasion as any, here is a bit about this outfit’s origins and movements over the next few months.

Donky Pitch founders Grinel and Nameless Pete held their inaugural party back in the summer of 2009 with a little help from Gemmy, Slugabed and Rekordah. Since then, they have gone from strength to strength, starting their very own record label and playing host to an international selection of artists including Debruit, Fulgeance, Mweslee, Tokimonsta, Alexander Nut and Blue Daisy to name just a few. Local filth pedlars Slugabed, Ghost Mutt and Boss Kite provide support on the regular and have been known to steal the show without warning. Turn up to a Donky Pitch night and you are guaranteed an exceptionally wide variety of music and an enthusiastic crowd that manages to swerve the unfortunate sausage-fest pitfall that plagues many niche music nights. If you are Brighton local or curious bass music pilgrim you owe it to yourself to attend.

Although the selection of music on offer at Donky Pitch parties is always eclectic, Grinel and Pete have taken it upon themselves to champion the cause of Skweee in the UK. So far their impeccable skweeedentials include hosting the first UK skweeening of Patierno’s We Call It Skweee documentary, a DJ set at the Helsinki Skweee Festival, and organising a rare and very loud UK appearance from Skweee O.G. Randy Barracuda. This gig was one of the highlights of my 2010 in live music; he is not to be missed. The brilliantly abstract trailer for We Call It Skweee is below and it will leave you none the wiser to what Skweee is all about. The film itself, on the other hand, is an inspirational journey through the world of Skweee and is well worth a watch.

Donky Pitch Records was officially founded back in summer 2010 and the first release from the label came out soon after. The Donky Stomp EP kicks off with the suitably mental Donky Stomp by Slugabed, which does an excellent job of grunting, wobbling and bleeping along before descending into a wash of synths. Remix duties are handled by friendly Spaniard Mweslee who turns the whole thing into a two-headed monster of plodding electro and chopped RnB vocals. On the flip you will find two joints from Donky regular Ghost Mutt who takes a course through steppier climes with Thoroughbred and Platinum Skull. You can have a listen to a couple of cuts off the Donky Stomp EP below and pick up your own copy of it here. If you are in to making music and would like to see if it is good enough to appear on this illustrious imprint, send music to Word on the street is that there is another release from Donky Pitch on the way so keep ’em peeled.

The Donky Pitch crew have also begun to broadcast across the internet on a monthly basis via As it can be difficult to persuade High-Rise staff that anything other than ’91-’97 era East Coast rap music is worth listening to, the Donky radio shows provide a welcome digest of the latest developments in synth prodding, skilfully selected and narrated by Grinel, Nameless Pete and guests. They appear on Hivemind on the second Thursday of every month, with the next show due to be broadcast on the 13th January. Until then, you can stream or download their latest mix below.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Download the mix here

2011 could well be the year of the Donky, so keep it locked on their various media nodes for the latest on parties, radio shows and new releases. You can follow them on Twitter, like them on Facebook (there is a load of music here from the Donkys and associates) and hear them on Hivemind, SoundCloud and Mixcloud. Thanks to FocusAdele Reed and Eagle Eye Green for the images.


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