The Doctor’s Orders Brighton

Having introduced High-Rise regulars to the joys of Donky Pitch, it seems only fair that e-props are duly bestowed upon the good folks at The Doctor’s Orders for keeping Brighton fed with a steady stream of quality Hip Hop, Funk and Soul. Originally hailing from London, where Spin Doctor and friends have managed to create what many consider to be the Capital’s finest hip hop night, The Doctor’s Orders expanded down to the South Coast in November 2009 and have offered a monthly dose of live acts and DJ sets ever since.

The Doctor’s Orders Brighton, currently based in the recently refurbished Jam club, have played host to a wide range of artists including Phat Kat, Elzhi, Ty,  Mr Thing, Shortee Blitz, Harry Love, DJ Format, DJ Vadim and Jazzie B (OBE) of Soul II Soul. Founder DJ Spin Doctor and Brighton resident Rusty Ryan handle the regular warm up slots, weekly DJ sets and summer parties down on the Brighton seafront. Although The Doctor’s are best known for hip hop music, you can expect funk, soul and jazz to make their way into the mix, be it via the odd sample drop or an entire rare groove set. Turn up to a Doctor’s Orders night and you will usually find a friendly, close to capacity crowd of revellers drawn to this consistently dope selection. Personal favourites of 2010 would have to be the Phat Kat, Elzhi and DJ Dez show (read more on that here) and the famously popular J Dilla tribute night held in February each year.

Following a sellout New Years Eve party, Rusty over at The Doctor’s has linked High-Rise up with a cadre of mixes from the DJs in attendance to keep you occupied. We have a Mega Mix from 2007 UK DMC Champion JFB that takes in everything from hip hop to drum n’ bass, a timely reminder of Rusty’s very own soul fuelled Love Is What We Need mix, and a host of other goodies to be found on the Doctor’s Orders sounds page. There is a stack of free mixes here, featuring the work of Diamond D, Shortee Blitz, and Rhettmatic to name a few.

The Doctor’s are starting 2011 off strong with a double feature of more or less guaranteed off-the-chain nights. First up is Jazzie B on the 22nd January, with support from Spin Doctor and Rusty Ryan – the last time Jazzie played The Doctor’s Orders at about the same time last year, the crowd drank the place dry and the bar took more money than on New Years Eve. On February 12th, Mr Thing and Sarah Love join Spin Doctor and Rusty Ryan for the second installment of the Brighton leg of J Dilla Changed My Life, which also features a Dilla sample set from the mushroom jazz journeyman Ruff Snippits. With Jazzie B just around the corner and Dilla Tribute nights held by The Doctor’s Orders having a nasty habit of selling out well in advance of the night, it might be a good idea to purchase tickets by clicking on the flyers below.

For more info on the Doctor’s Orders and to find out about upcoming events, check out their Facebook group. You can also follow Rusty Ryan, Spin Doctor and The Doctor’s Orders on Twitter. Thanks to The Doctor’s Orders and photogruff for the photos.


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