Addict x Star Wars Blueprint Series

Sweet mother of god I want these t-shirts. All of them. The one thing almost every clothing manufacturer manages to do when it comes to paying homage to Star Wars is to completely miss the inherent geekiness and obsessive attention to detail while they flounce around, attempting to create an artistic take on a selection of popular characters. Either that or they design a line of children’s clothing and then accidentally order all of it to be manufactured in adult sizes (I’m looking at you, adidas). Addict are not exempt from this either. I found their earlier attempts to be pretty underwhelming, and although the new art by Mitchy Bwoy is good (see below), it has nothing on the blueprint series.

These blueprints look suspiciously like the ones found in the exhaustively detailed Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels that you can purchase here. My childhood was dominated by this book. This has always been the essence of Star Wars for me; the films occupy a fully fleshed out and intricately imagined universe, complete with characters, vehicles and entire worlds that are never on screen. If you are salivating as much as I am and have managed to avoid electrocuting yourself with your keyboard, hit up Addict without delay. Mad props to Mainly Shoes for the heads up.

Since we are in that part of the galaxy anyway…


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