Push | Move

Having passed out whilst writing this post last night, yesterdays Sunday beats have become the soundtrack to your Monday lunchtime. It might be late, but at least now you can terrorise fellow employees by turning these beats up to the red and waiting for them to take that first tentative bite of sausage roll before hitting play. This weekend saw The Doctor’s Orders Brighton host their annual J Dilla tribute event to a capacity crowd at Jam. Once again, The Doctor’s came through with the winning combination of a wide selection of talent, a party atmosphere and some great performances – Ruff Snippits deserves a special shout for his one tune a minute Dilla samples set. Given the occasion, it would seem fitting to post up a couple of the heaviest hitters from the night (any excuse really), so first up we have Push from M.E.D’s 2005 album, Push Comes to Shove. One of the main reasons I enjoy Dilla tribute nights is to hear these tunes played very loud through a substantial sound system. Do what you can with the 2 watt jobs on your laptop.

And to keep things moving in a similarly rowdy fashion, we have Move by Oh No. Here, Dilla samples Mike Hankinson’s take on the Bach classic, Fugue in D Minor, to spectacular effect. One of the ultimate hip hop screwface beats.

There were a bunch of flyers for the next Doctor’s Orders event floating around Jam on the night. They had been keeping quiet about this one…

If J-Live’s last Brighton appearance is anything to go by then this gig should be pretty spectacular. The gig was delayed by a crucial football match and when he came on at Komedia, it was to no more than 40 to 50 people huddled around the stage. Not to be detered, J-Live proceeded to produce one of the best live performances I have ever seen, juggling and MCing simultaneously. Click here for more details and to buy tickets, and follow The Doctor’s Orders on Twitter for the latest. And just in case anyone has forgotten how long J-Live has been in the business of producing classic hip hop music – DJ Spinna’s ’96 Dome Cracker remix of Braggin’ Writes.


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