Headnod & Ruff Snippits

Two decks good, three decks better. Headnod and Ruff Snippits have put together just over an hours worth of hip hop, funk and soul, all refracted through the mystical prism of triple turntables. This is strictly unplanned, all the way live, unrehearsed, all vinyl business that features the likes of Dilla, Danny Breaks and MF Doom with a little Nate Dogg thrown in for good measure. The mixing style is enthusiastic (it was recorded in a bar), so the whole thing is laced cuts, sample drops and acapellas. Stream or download the mix below.

You can find Headnod over on his SoundCloud and hear more music from Ruff Snippits on his Myspace page. They also play regularly at various venues across Brighton – Ruff Snippits has a twice monthly set at the 3&10, Headnod holds down the Gladstone every Thursday, and both can be found playing records for The Doctor’s Orders at Above Audio on Wednesdays. All events are free entry and details can be found in the Brighton Source listings each month.


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