Having spent the day alternately subjecting the office to a 90s R&B apocalypse and pestering the dude behind the Sneakerpedia Twitter account, I am pleased to say that I have been allowed to give their new site a once over. Sneakerpedia looks set to be the most comprehensive database of footwear on the face of the planet, powered by the good folks over at Footlocker. Videos shot in a warehouse are often subject to disturbing conclusions, but rest assured that this one will leave you better informed as to the mechanics of this exciting new project and blissfully free from acute mental breakdown (probably).

While the video does a great job of promoting the social facilities of the site, it is a little light on probably the most exciting aspect of the project. Sneakerpedia represents a great opportunity to access a wealth of obsessively detailed, internationally crowdsourced information on items that we come into contact with on a daily basis. Eager to know how an Air Max 90 fits in comparison to a Dunk? Roughly half a size smaller as it happens, but Sneakerpedia should end up being a one stop shop for sizing, fit and quality. There is no word on a live date just yet as Sneakerpedians are busy fine tuning the site and building up a healthy stock of shoes to kick off proceedings. Follow Sneakerpedia to stay up to date with the latest developments and check out the beta build of site here if you are lucky enough to have a code. Thanks to Tomski over at Mainly Shoes for the initial heads up.


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