Rune Høgsberg

As if music from the Oslo SP Ensemble wasn’t enough to convince you to relocate to the frigid peaks of Northern Europe, High-Rise is back with some Denmark styles guaranteed to make you smile. Copenhagen based graphic designer Rune Høgsberg produced these posters for hip hop shows in and around Oslo, featuring Method Man & Redman, Pharoahe Monch, Smif N Wessun and a Stones Throw extravaganza. If I had to pick a favourite, the smokey Meth & Red poster above would be it, but the whole selection shows what a talented graphic designer can do with the lowly gig poster.


The EMC poster above is another one that would have been nicked off a frozen Swedish lamppost had staff at High-Rise been given half a chance. As you may have already noticed, Rune has been kind enough lace High-Rise with some high-resolution images – click the poster of your choice to see it full size. For more of Rune’s work, be sure to check out his website.


And since we’re in the area, yet more evidence that Sweden and Norway are fine destinations for a hip hop head to park their sneaks. Denmark Style by Promoe, a track taken off the Sut Min Pik EP released on Fondle ‘Em records back in ’98.


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