Bored In The Crates Homage

Once again, Kankick is back all up in this piece as I tell it so – the BTS Radio crew have remastered and re-upped his Bored In The Crates Mix from back in 2006. If you liked House Shoes’ Loungin’ Vol.1 that I posted a few months back then this mix will please you greatly. Kankick spins what is sure to be just a fraction of his collection, selecting an eclectic selection of latin, jazz, funk, and soul music for your ear holes. This mix sounds like pure inspiration, click on the image below to download.

If you have yet to check out BTS Radio then do it yesterday. Founder Andrew Meza broadcast the first Beneath The Surface Radio show all the way back in 2003 and has since then played host to an astounding list of guests, including Jneiro Jarel, Kankick, Flying Lotus, Dibia$e, Paul White, Ras G, Hudson Mohawke, Rustie, Nathan Fake and Eric Lau to name a few. If this isn’t enough to get you to check them out then I’m confused as to why you are reading this blog. High-Rise favourites include Kankick’s 2003 show and Jneiro Jarel’s appearance in 2007, but it’s well worth working your way through the entire backlog of BTS Radio mixes and guest spots. It really is one of the finest stations on the face of the planet, one that truly deserves your support for putting out a torrent of highly enjoyable music. They have a 12″ available to pre-order from March 15th that features music from Dibia$e, Letherette, S.Maharba and Jed & Lucia. Make sure you hit up for more information on this and to find their full archive of mixes, merchandise and news. Stay tuned to @btsradio for the latest.


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