Blackmarket Lost Tapes

At this point, it is quite tempting to be lazy and just dangle the words ‘previously unreleased Madlib’ in front of you, along with a download link. Open and shut case. But there is a little more to this particular find, so High-Rise comes with a few details too (after getting all worried about an April Fools…). Back in 1996, Madlib and sometime Lootpack and ‘Lib collaborator Kazi recorded an album, called it Blackmarket, then presumably lost the recording down the back of the sofa and forgot about it for almost 15 years. Luckily, Kazi had a clear out, dug up the crusty reel and put three tracks from it up on his Bandcamp. And it’s no low quality, cutting room floor business either – in fact, High-Rise reckons Tha Unstoppable is one of the best Madlib beats released recently…

This little lot will set you back $1 (or around 61 of the Queen’s pennies) so make sure you pick these up right now, tight-fisted stranger. There’s no word on a release date yet, so stay tuned to Stones Throw for more details as and when.


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