The Big Payback

Onra, everyone’s favourite French-Vietnamese hip hop producer, was feeling generous today and posted a download link for The Big Payback, his 2007 album produced with American keyboard player Byron. I bought this along with Tribute, his collaborative effort with Quetzal, when the record red mist descended after hearing the Vietnamese inspired hip hop instrumental album Chinoiseries. Now you can get it for free, and without the guilt usually associated with downloading music produced by your favourite artists. Click below…

Onra & Byron – The Big Payback

This album seems to have turned out to be a bit of a sleeper, and undeservedly so. The Big Payback sits comfortably alongside Sa-Ra, Afta-1 and Frank-n-Dank with a combination of suave G Funk keys and Detroit synths provided by Byron, and Onra’s relentlessly heavy, neck snapping beats. It’s roughly half instrumentals and half guest shots, with accompaniment from French MC Dal Gren and American vocalists Isis and Neco Redd (who has stepped out with the Platinum Pied Pipers too). Off the top, highlights include Blueberry Weed, Sleeping Pills and The World. Onra has consistently delivered unusual and exciting records over the last few years, so it’s a little strange that, in spite of the more recent successes of Chinoiseries and Long Distance, he has only played a handful of shows in the UK. Luckily Brighton based promoters Throw Some Shapes have set about addressing this, and have booked him for a special live show down on the South Coast at the end of April. Alongside the Kyuss gig of the weekend just passed and the ridiculous Black Star show coming up in May, this has the potential to be one of the Top 3 gigs of the year. Click on the flyer below to get your ticket.

You can see footage of his live show at the Knitting Factory in New York up on Jay-Z’s new blog of really cool and relevant stuff, Life & Times. Check out Onra’s SoundCloud for more music and be sure to follow and like him on the various self facilitating media nodes for news, new music and gig announcements. Since we are in the neighbourhood, here are a couple of more High-Rise favourites produced by Onra and friends, both free to stream and download below.


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