Easter Parade 2011

It’s been a little while since the work of Oslo SP Ensemble has graced the pages of High-Rise, so FredFades’ latest Easter beattape is a welcome new arrival. Easter Parade 2011 is just under an hour and twenty minutes of the finest Fades production, with both solo beats and collaborations with members of Oslo SP Ensemble, on the SP1200 and MPC2000XL (with a little ARP Odyssey philandering thrown in for good measure). Go below to stream from SoundCloud or download and enjoy in a setting of your choosing. Click on the album cover above for a tracklist.

If you are new to FredFades and the Oslo SP Ensemble then click here, here and here as soon as possible. For more music, check out his SoundCloudblog and show on Goodshit Radio which brings you “No bling, no bullshit, no commercialized crap – just good rap”.


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