Kan Zulu’s Belt Drive and Beats Band

Every so often, the internet coughs forth something so significant, it’s all you can do to swiftly blog about it in the vain hope someone notices you posted it before a bunch of other people did. On Thursday, the internet brought up two such articles, both from the hands of the one they call Kankick. You have BTS Radio to thank for his latest mix–Kan Zulu’s Belt Drives and Beats Band–featuring 18 new beats from the man himself, some of which are very serious indeed. Click below to read more and download:

Kankick – Kan Zulu’s Belt Drive and Beats Band

Next, a rare interview with Kankick conducted outside an equally rare UK gig at Plastic People during the summer of 2011. If you were one of the lucky thirty-odd who turned up to the gig, it was probably your show of the year (it certainly was mine). If you skipped it to sit at home on the couch playing computer games, Kankick has some words for you. The video comes courtesy of the good folks at Prog Porn, I can’t really thank them enough for this.

In other news – High-Rise will return. Exactly when is a good question, but it will at least look a little more professional and contain more original treats. Big thanks to everyone who has supported High-Rise so far, especially those who pestered me about starting up again. Stay tuned.


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