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BeatPete – Dope On Plastic Part 3

There’s a big stack of draft posts building up at High-Rise headquarters. The last week has been manic so the post-a-day regime I had going a little while back has suffered. Luckily, BeatPete is still throwing out quality mixtapes to sweeten the daily/nightly grind. Dope On Plastic Part 3 features tracks from Knxwledge, Union, Kankick, Ras G and Suff Daddy amongst many others. Stream and download below.


Staying with all things partly Antipodean, Quakers’ self-titled debut album is released today. To be honest, I picked up Fitta Happier last month and didn’t really get it at first. Last night, however, I gave it another go and it had me bouncing off my bedroom walls.

Quakers is the much-anticipated multi-MC hip hop project featuring Portishead’s Geoff Barrow as Fuzzface, sharing production duties with engineer 7-Stu-7 and Australian producer Katalyst. With more than thirty MCs on over forty tracks, it should be quite an impressive piece of work, especially if the first track is anything to go by. And the guest list is not to be sniffed at, including the likes of Dead Prez, Phat Kat, MED and Guilty Simpson as well as a host of new talent. You can listen to Smoke, another cut off the album, below.

Download both beats and check out the Quakers promotional video here. Pick up a copy of the album here. Find out more about the Quakers project in this interview with Street Date.

Dibia$e – The Dust Down Under

Mr Dibia$e hits the Southern Hemisphere next month for a tour of Australia and New Zealand. In anticipation, he teamed up with 10thirty Records to release The Dust Down Under, thirteen and a half minutes of glorious funky production featuring collaborations with Mndsgn and Devonwho. Stream below or head across to the 10thirty Records Bandcamp to pick up a free download.

Benji B on J Dilla relaunched earlier this year, opening its doors on February 1st to celebrate the life of one of the world’s greatest musical pioneers, J Dilla.  Since then, Waajeed and the Bling47 family have put out a huge amount of quality material, from previously unreleased Dilla beats to interviews with friends and collaborators. Earlier this week, they posted a second interview with Benji B, a man dedicated to the cause of good music and pretty much the most valuable thing on UK radio at the moment (with the possible exception of Mr Peterson). Check out the videos below to see him talk about two classic Dilla productions and the samples that inspired them.

If you harbour any doubts as to Benji B’s Dilla credentials, the rarities mix he compiled with Ge-ology will put them to rest. Check the 2011 High-Rise Dilla Birthday Special for a link. His first show in April on Radio 1 promises to be extra special, with Space Dimension Controller in the studio for a Science Fiction special. Get on Facebook to send him your track recommendations.

THEESatisfaction – awE naturalE

Seattle duo THEESatisfaction have just posted their new album, awE naturalE, for a free first listen, exclusively on NPR Music. I was lucky enough to hear this a little while ago and it’s excellent, so click on the image above or the link below to get straight to it.

THEESatisfaction – awE naturalE

Like collaborators Shabazz Palaces, another brilliant act that cropped up during my absence from High-Rise (I picked a shitty time to go on holiday), THEESatisfaction hail from Seattle, a city that seems to be giving birth to a truly distinct sound. I’m not going to say ‘saviours of hip hop’ because I don’t think it needs saving, but Shabazz Palaces’ Black Up was my favourite record released last year. It was also the first time I heard THEESatisfaction…

This was swiftly followed by a solo effort, also subject to heavy rotation in 2011.

If you like what you hear here, be sure to pick up Black Up now and awE naturalE when it drops on the 27th of this month via Sub Pop. To learn more about these Seattlelites, check out this interview, also courtesy of NPR.

TOM YUM – Rewind Old School Mix

Finally got round to giving High-Rise regular TOM YUM‘s latest mix a going over, and only three weeks after it dropped (sorry mate!). Unsurprisingly, it’s really really good. A lot more interesting than the usual ‘throw some Sugar Hill Gang and  Grandmaster Flash against a wall and see what sticks’ mixes you might be used to. This is partly due to the definition of old school hip hop being stretched a little bit, with tracks from DJ Mitsu the Beats and Wale Oyejide among others. Listen via Mixcloud below.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This mix is a taster of what you can expect from TOM YUM as he holds down the main room with Nomark at Rewind, a hip hop party out of Brighton.

Scruffnuk Dust – The Dusty Planets

Scruffnuk Dust first turned up on High-Rise back in January last year with a short mixed selection of beats, A Taste of Dust! His latest effort is a full length, 40 track affair featuring the same intriguing qualities that got me listening to his first release. If you like to mess with records in a rhythmic and musical fashion, there is a good stock of beats here to scratch over. The original dusttape is even included as a secret track. Stream and download The Dusty Planets below or click here to order a hard copy.

Scruffnuk frequents the Stones Throw Message Board where he occasionally drops new beats. Hit him up on there to say how much you enjoyed this tape and encourage him to make some more.

Hannes Denker – Mixtape

Something a little different today. I came across this on Twitter via Dabrye, another long time favourite of High-Rise. Mixtape, a filmic homage to the humble mixtape, is the diploma thesis of motion/graphic wizard Hannes Denker. Sit back and watch curious pulsating forms wobble around Berlin to the sounds of Dabrye, Mike Slott and Hudson Mohawke.

Knxwledge – Hexual.Sealings.Vol.2

Knxwledge is one of those artists who really came good for me during the High-Rise hiatus of ’11. His releases are prodigious and often stealthy, so I’m going to go ahead and nail my colours to the mast with Knx’s latest effort, Hexual Sealings Volume 2. Although ostensibly a post Dilla beatsmith with his syncopated beats and soulful chops, Knx has a distinct style all of his own. It’s more imaginative than most instrumental hip hop being put out at the moment, with distorted, murky melodies, sloppy, funky drums and the odd well-chosen acapella. Get started on Hexual Sealings Vol 2 below.

If you are new to Knxwledge, you have some very enjoyable, screwface inducing catching up to do. Since August 2009, he has put out well over 20 EPs, albums and beattapes, so I suggest you start with the first Hexual Sealings, Krapes and this bonus mixette, recorded live in Toronto.

Scanz & Dibia$e – Travelin

I came across this yesterday while hunting through some old bookmarks. Travelin reminds me a little of N.A.S.A by Jneiro Jarel with its interplanetary orchestral sweeps. It’s a real shame this track didn’t make a release (as far as I know), but it makes a good case platforms like SoundCloud. We get to hear so much more unreleased stuff than we used to.