Knxwledge – Hexual.Sealings.Vol.2

Knxwledge is one of those artists who really came good for me during the High-Rise hiatus of ’11. His releases are prodigious and often stealthy, so I’m going to go ahead and nail my colours to the mast with Knx’s latest effort, Hexual Sealings Volume 2. Although ostensibly a post Dilla beatsmith with his syncopated beats and soulful chops, Knx has a distinct style all of his own. It’s more imaginative than most instrumental hip hop being put out at the moment, with distorted, murky melodies, sloppy, funky drums and the odd well-chosen acapella. Get started on Hexual Sealings Vol 2 below.

If you are new to Knxwledge, you have some very enjoyable, screwface inducing catching up to do. Since August 2009, he has put out well over 20 EPs, albums and beattapes, so I suggest you start with the first Hexual Sealings, Krapes and this bonus mixette, recorded live in Toronto.


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