THEESatisfaction – awE naturalE

Seattle duo THEESatisfaction have just posted their new album, awE naturalE, for a free first listen, exclusively on NPR Music. I was lucky enough to hear this a little while ago and it’s excellent, so click on the image above or the link below to get straight to it.

THEESatisfaction – awE naturalE

Like collaborators Shabazz Palaces, another brilliant act that cropped up during my absence from High-Rise (I picked a shitty time to go on holiday), THEESatisfaction hail from Seattle, a city that seems to be giving birth to a truly distinct sound. I’m not going to say ‘saviours of hip hop’ because I don’t think it needs saving, but Shabazz Palaces’ Black Up was my favourite record released last year. It was also the first time I heard THEESatisfaction…

This was swiftly followed by a solo effort, also subject to heavy rotation in 2011.

If you like what you hear here, be sure to pick up Black Up now and awE naturalE when it drops on the 27th of this month via Sub Pop. To learn more about these Seattlelites, check out this interview, also courtesy of NPR.


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