Sweatson Klank – Slept On, But Not Forgotten Vol. 1

High-Rise is a big fan of BTS Radio. Launched back in 2003 by Andrew Meza, BTS has played host to a slew of artists I hold dear, including Jneiro Jarel, Kankick (a few times), Eric Lau, Exile, and a once unsigned Flying Lotus. It comes as no surprise, then, that their latest mix is something rather special. Sweatson Klank, the Californian beatsmith formerly known as Take, has put together Slept On, But Not Forgotten; a properly mixed and juggled selection of classic hip hop records from the mid to late 90s era. And he’s done a really good job. Waste no time and click on the link below to visit BTS, download the mix and pore over the track list:

Sweatson Klank – Slept On, But Not Forgotten Vol. 1

Excitingly, this is “the first in what’s said to be many volumes to come”, so keep an eye on BTS and High-Rise for the next instalment. Late 90s hip hop has a distinct style that can easily go overlooked in a golden age fervour, something the likes of Action Bronson and Meyhem Lauren are trying to address. If you are out for more late 90s joints for your ears, pick up DJ Spinna’s spectacular Underground Forever mixtape and TOM YUM’s Underground Hip Hop Mix 2010. To check out Sweatson Klank’s own highly enjoyable sonic experiments, pay a visit to his SoundCloud.


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