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Music Is My Sanctuary

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I’ve joined the Music Is My Sanctuary family and am very pleased to say you can find my scribbles plastered all over their illustrious pages. The MO is forgotten treasures, future classics and some of the finest mixes I’ve heard in ages. You’ll struggle to find a better 90s R&B mix than Throw ‘Em Up, a collaboration between MIMS founder Lexis and Onra.

If you’ve come the other way – welcome Canadian friend! There’s a good few year’s worth of quality music (including a few exclusives) so dig in and drop a comment if you need something re-uploaded.



SELA is a brand new name to High-Rise. At the time of going to pixels, the 18 year old Californian has spent just 8 months making music but has already developed a distinct, muted style. Having been weaned onto cloud rap by Donky Pitch co-head-honcho Grinel, I reckon SELA’s music bears some resemblance to that of Friendzone and Main Attrakionz, as well as High-Rise absolute favourite Knxwledge. It’s sample-based but languid, lo-fi and side-chained, like your next-door neighbour is throwing a party. His latest release, Men Have Secrets, But No Mystery, came out earlier this month. Listen and download below:

SELA has gained some notable fans in his brief career, including Friendzone, Ryan Hemsworth and the A$AP Mob. Earlier this month, Prefix Magazine interviewed him and Pretty Much Amazing used his music to hoodwink Flying Lotus fans with an April Fool. Those eager for more SELA can find a Knx-like profusion of records on his Bandcamp. If you are new to this cloud rap thing, make sure you check out Main Attrakionz and the Green Ova Records crew, Executive Series, Clams Casino and Lee Bannon.


Staying with all things partly Antipodean, Quakers’ self-titled debut album is released today. To be honest, I picked up Fitta Happier last month and didn’t really get it at first. Last night, however, I gave it another go and it had me bouncing off my bedroom walls.

Quakers is the much-anticipated multi-MC hip hop project featuring Portishead’s Geoff Barrow as Fuzzface, sharing production duties with engineer 7-Stu-7 and Australian producer Katalyst. With more than thirty MCs on over forty tracks, it should be quite an impressive piece of work, especially if the first track is anything to go by. And the guest list is not to be sniffed at, including the likes of Dead Prez, Phat Kat, MED and Guilty Simpson as well as a host of new talent. You can listen to Smoke, another cut off the album, below.

Download both beats and check out the Quakers promotional video here. Pick up a copy of the album here. Find out more about the Quakers project in this interview with Street Date.

Evy Jane by Evy Jane

Stumbled across this earlier today. I’ve developed a bit of a thing for odd, twisted RnB numbers of late, after falling for The Weeknd‘s blend of beautiful vocals, dark subject matter and imaginative sampling last year. Evy Jane is another Canadian export, fusing the talents of Jeremiah Klein and Evelyn Mason on vocals. The result is a spacious, stomping sound that takes in everything from Basic Channel to UK Bass. Stream, purchase and pre-order the 12″ of  their self-titled debut EP below. Sayso stands out.

I realise this is a bit of a departure for High-Rise, but you can find more posts from me on things closer to the electronic end of the musical spectrum on the Donky Pitch blog. In fact, if you like this then you may well enjoy Evian Christ‘s recent efforts. To read more about Donky Pitch, check out this post.


Having spent the day alternately subjecting the office to a 90s R&B apocalypse and pestering the dude behind the Sneakerpedia Twitter account, I am pleased to say that I have been allowed to give their new site a once over. Sneakerpedia looks set to be the most comprehensive database of footwear on the face of the planet, powered by the good folks over at Footlocker. Videos shot in a warehouse are often subject to disturbing conclusions, but rest assured that this one will leave you better informed as to the mechanics of this exciting new project and blissfully free from acute mental breakdown (probably).

While the video does a great job of promoting the social facilities of the site, it is a little light on probably the most exciting aspect of the project. Sneakerpedia represents a great opportunity to access a wealth of obsessively detailed, internationally crowdsourced information on items that we come into contact with on a daily basis. Eager to know how an Air Max 90 fits in comparison to a Dunk? Roughly half a size smaller as it happens, but Sneakerpedia should end up being a one stop shop for sizing, fit and quality. There is no word on a live date just yet as Sneakerpedians are busy fine tuning the site and building up a healthy stock of shoes to kick off proceedings. Follow Sneakerpedia to stay up to date with the latest developments and check out the beta build of site here if you are lucky enough to have a code. Thanks to Tomski over at Mainly Shoes for the initial heads up.

One Hundred Posts

100 posts! I promise I won’t come over all Oscar acceptance speech for too long. Thanks to those who have taken an interest in High-Rise so far and who may check it out in the future, it has lasted longer and received a much better reaction than I expected. I am going to do my best to keep posting new and interesting stuff on a regular basis so stay tuned. If you like what you read, see or hear on High-Rise then be sure to mention it to everyone you meet. You could shoehorn it awkwardly into conversation, make little High-Rise stickers and vandalise things, or just shout the name out at socially unacceptable moments. It all helps.

Guest Post for Fabrica

Laurence, head of digital media at Fabrica, invited me to post on the gallery blog to relay to their followers exactly what I am up to. You can find my post on the Fabrica blog here, which is worth keeping an eye on anyway if you are at all interested contemporary art or sculpture. Frederic’s new installation is really shaping up now – I am hoping he will let me put up some work in progress photos as it looks amazing, even in its germinal stages. Anyway, back to business as usual I am afraid – here is some Jamal for your thursday…

The Inaugural Post

Hi, my name is Callum and welcome to High-Rise. I have been sat here for a good hour attempting to string together a profound, earth shattering introduction aimed squarely at bringing the blogosphere to its knees. Unfortunately, as you have probably already realised, I have failed, and so I proceed with a more benign proposition. I have set up High-Rise in order to create a cache of my writing, as well as providing me with a place to post anything I think is worth drawing to the attention of you, the reader. I don’t want to give too much away at this stage, or indeed limit my scope unduly, so to begin with I hope you will frequent High-Rise out of curiosity if nothing else.