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Kutmah – All Dabrye Mix

Talented and not-always-voluntarily-globe-trotting DJ and beatsmith Kutmah has put together an all Dabrye mix ahead of his UK show later this week. The line up features the Detroit legend headlining, with Kutmah, Darkhouse Fam, Widows and now Ras G (!) in support. Unbelievably there are still some tickets left, so grab one here quick smart. You have Earnest Endeavours, Sketchbook and Hit+Run to thank for a very special gig. Listen to the mix below.


Hannes Denker – Mixtape

Something a little different today. I came across this on Twitter via Dabrye, another long time favourite of High-Rise. Mixtape, a filmic homage to the humble mixtape, is the diploma thesis of motion/graphic wizard Hannes Denker. Sit back and watch curious pulsating forms wobble around Berlin to the sounds of Dabrye, Mike Slott and Hudson Mohawke.

Stealing Words Volume One

My man Ruff Snippits has been at it again. This time, he’s stolen a bunch of words from right out the mouths of some of the most talented MCs and vocalists borne to this planet and layered them carefully over his own productions. But this sort of thing doesn’t always work. With classic tunes like Erykah Badu’s On and On, or Game Over by Dabrye, Jay Dee and Phat Kat, a remix can leave you yearning for that familiar beat. A whole album of this can leave you ready to pull off your fingernails one by one. No such problems here though, as Ruff Snippits is part of that upper percentile of unsigned producers who approach this sort of thing with a little more imagination than most. High-Rise staff have yet to settle on a favourite, but feel the flip of MF Doom’s Favourite Ladies is pretty special. Click on the link below to download the whole album.

Ruff Snippits – Stealing Words Volume One

There are some exciting noises drifting across the rooftops of Brighton from the Snippits penthouse lab at the moment, so be sure to stay tuned to High-Rise for the latest on his new projects. If you are hungry for more music from Ruff Snippits now then head over to his Myspace.

The Making of Game Over

Just came across this article about the making of Game Over, the classic Dabrye track that features the vocal talents of J Dilla and Phat Kat. Back in 2006, Kelly ‘K-Fresh’ Fraizer interviewed Tadd Mullinix (aka Dabrye) for the release of his new album, Two/Three, but the piece was never used. Reluctant to just throw it away, Kelly went back to the story, this time getting quotes from key players involved in the beginnings of Game Over. You can read the result here…

The Making Of Dabrye’s ‘Game Over’ With J. Dilla & Phat Kat

The photo above is from Reilly Brennan’s Flickr, where you can find more about the sequence of events leading up to the track being created. Thanks to Kelly Fraizer for writing this article and The Loop Detroit for getting it posted up. And finally, for those who don’t know…

Phat Kat, eLZhi & DJ Dez

Having just about managed to nurse myself back to health after a dirty weekend in Brighton with Phat Kat, eLZhi & DJ Dez at the Doctor’s Orders, I am going to seize this brief moment of clarity and try to write some words about it. I had been looking forward to this gig for quite some time and, after a rambunctious MF Doom show and the incredible KRS-One & Supernatural, my expectations were high. Predictably the boys from the D answered with a set that placed them comfortably among the best live acts I have witnessed in person.

To kick off proceedings, Doctor’s residents Rusty Ryan and Spin Doctor opened with slick selections of classic hip hop, funk, soul and more recent joints. I probably take these dudes for granted somewhat and I shouldn’t – a good hip hop act is helped immeasurably by such talented support DJs. Deetroit took over at about half one in the morning and  Continue reading