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House Shoes – The Makings Pt 2

As promised, here lies The Makings Part 2, the second half of House Shoes’ latest mix in anticipation of his upcoming album, Let It Go. On this side, we have guest appearances from more Detroit talent, including MarvWon, Quelle and Elzhi. Stream the mix below or click here to download.

House Shoes – The Makings Pt 1

New music from one of Detroit’s finest. The Makings is a two part selection of House Shoes-produced records, released via The Smoking Section to promote Let It Go, his debut album due out June 19th. It features vocal talent in the form of Danny Brown, Proof, MED, Roc Marciano and more, and will put soundly to sleep any doubts you may have had over Shoes’ ability to produce heavy records. Listen and download below, and stay tuned to High-Rise for part 2.

High-Rise first really became aware of House Shoes’ production when he dropped Free Your Funk, a mix he put together to anticipate the Dilla Tribute edition of the eponymous French club night. Although House Shoes was a household name already, this mix was a bit of an eye opener. One track in particular stood out, wrongly reported as a Dilla joint in places but featuring the man himself on vocals. Check it out below.


BeatPete – Dope On Plastic Part 4

More strictly vinyl business from our Berlin connection, BeatPete. It’s another solid selection of leftfields and offbeats, featuring tracks from K-Def, Eric Lau, Exile, Damu and Dexter. Stream and download via SoundCloud below:

Jack Smith – 75 Beats

The humble beat tape is an often misunderstood fellow. Typical complaints include “there are no lyrics”, “the tracks are too short” and “there are too many of them”. If you are guilty of any such slights on the character of the beat tape, you might be better off surfing somewhere else. This is a shame, because you’ll miss out on a generous helping of well produced music exclusive to High-Rise. If you’re still here, Jack Smith made a beat tape called 75 Beats. It’s got 75 beats on it, the overwhelming majority of which are hot like fire. Download
it below:

Jack Smith – 75 Beats Part 1
Jack Smith – 75 Beats Part 2

Personal favourites include Bear ra, Crown Court, Princess 3 2 and his Erykah Badu remix, though there are really too many to mention. I can hear shades of Knxwledge and old Paul White here and there, so fans of those two (read: fans of hip hop music with intriguing qualities) should pick this up without delay. If you are in search of more from Jack or want to get in touch, hit up his SoundCloud.

Knxwledge – Karma.Loops.Prt.1

Knxwledge is showing no sign of giving up his release-a-month habit of the last year or so. Karma.Loops.prt.1 is a neat five track EP, released on April 1st but reassuringly 100% fool free. Yet another high quality release with little to no filler in spite of his prodigious output. Stream and purchase below.

BeatPete – Dope On Plastic Part 3

There’s a big stack of draft posts building up at High-Rise headquarters. The last week has been manic so the post-a-day regime I had going a little while back has suffered. Luckily, BeatPete is still throwing out quality mixtapes to sweeten the daily/nightly grind. Dope On Plastic Part 3 features tracks from Knxwledge, Union, Kankick, Ras G and Suff Daddy amongst many others. Stream and download below.

THEESatisfaction – awE naturalE

Seattle duo THEESatisfaction have just posted their new album, awE naturalE, for a free first listen, exclusively on NPR Music. I was lucky enough to hear this a little while ago and it’s excellent, so click on the image above or the link below to get straight to it.

THEESatisfaction – awE naturalE

Like collaborators Shabazz Palaces, another brilliant act that cropped up during my absence from High-Rise (I picked a shitty time to go on holiday), THEESatisfaction hail from Seattle, a city that seems to be giving birth to a truly distinct sound. I’m not going to say ‘saviours of hip hop’ because I don’t think it needs saving, but Shabazz Palaces’ Black Up was my favourite record released last year. It was also the first time I heard THEESatisfaction…

This was swiftly followed by a solo effort, also subject to heavy rotation in 2011.

If you like what you hear here, be sure to pick up Black Up now and awE naturalE when it drops on the 27th of this month via Sub Pop. To learn more about these Seattlelites, check out this interview, also courtesy of NPR.

TOM YUM – Rewind Old School Mix

Finally got round to giving High-Rise regular TOM YUM‘s latest mix a going over, and only three weeks after it dropped (sorry mate!). Unsurprisingly, it’s really really good. A lot more interesting than the usual ‘throw some Sugar Hill Gang and  Grandmaster Flash against a wall and see what sticks’ mixes you might be used to. This is partly due to the definition of old school hip hop being stretched a little bit, with tracks from DJ Mitsu the Beats and Wale Oyejide among others. Listen via Mixcloud below.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This mix is a taster of what you can expect from TOM YUM as he holds down the main room with Nomark at Rewind, a hip hop party out of Brighton.

Scruffnuk Dust – The Dusty Planets

Scruffnuk Dust first turned up on High-Rise back in January last year with a short mixed selection of beats, A Taste of Dust! His latest effort is a full length, 40 track affair featuring the same intriguing qualities that got me listening to his first release. If you like to mess with records in a rhythmic and musical fashion, there is a good stock of beats here to scratch over. The original dusttape is even included as a secret track. Stream and download The Dusty Planets below or click here to order a hard copy.

Scruffnuk frequents the Stones Throw Message Board where he occasionally drops new beats. Hit him up on there to say how much you enjoyed this tape and encourage him to make some more.

BeatPete – Dope on Plastic Second Set

As promised, a quick heads up on BeatPete’s latest offering; the second part of his Dope on Plastic mix is now online. It boasts a similarly brilliant track selection, including Jneiro Jarel, Knxwledge, Eric Lau, Apollo Brown and Slum Village, and is currently helping those at High-Rise HQ recover from a début weekend in Berlin (what a place!). Go below to stream and download.