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Knxwledge – Kameo EP

At the risk of turning High-Rise into a single artist venture, Knxwledge just dropped another EP, his fourth release this month. The tracks are short but the quality is consistently high, especially his flip of Lords of the Underground on WhatimAftr. Stream and purchase below.


Lots More Knxwledge

May is scarcely two weeks old and it has already played host to three new releases from the most prolific of slop-funk merchants, Knxwledge. I’ve had a good few stabs at describing the appeal of his music, but there truly is no replacement for listening to it yourself. So to kick things off we have the Klarity EP, released a couple of days ago.

Scant days prior to Klarity came the Kuntent EP, nestled below:

And just two days before that, Knx dropped the bootleg sequel to last year’s Wrap Tapes Port 1, featuring distorted guest appearances from… some rappers. Answers on a postcard please.

Knxwledge – Karma.Loops.Prt.2

New Knx! Nought but seventeen days after his last release, Knxwledge returns with more creative punctuation and Karma.Loops.Prt.2. It’s another 5 track affair, featuring more beats that sound like they’re being played at high volume by your next-door neighbour. Head below to stream and purchase.