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Knxwledge – Kameo EP

At the risk of turning High-Rise into a single artist venture, Knxwledge just dropped another EP, his fourth release this month. The tracks are short but the quality is consistently high, especially his flip of Lords of the Underground on WhatimAftr. Stream and purchase below.


Lots More Knxwledge

May is scarcely two weeks old and it has already played host to three new releases from the most prolific of slop-funk merchants, Knxwledge. I’ve had a good few stabs at describing the appeal of his music, but there truly is no replacement for listening to it yourself. So to kick things off we have the Klarity EP, released a couple of days ago.

Scant days prior to Klarity came the Kuntent EP, nestled below:

And just two days before that, Knx dropped the bootleg sequel to last year’s Wrap Tapes Port 1, featuring distorted guest appearances from… some rappers. Answers on a postcard please.

Knxwledge – Karma.Loops.Prt.2

New Knx! Nought but seventeen days after his last release, Knxwledge returns with more creative punctuation and Karma.Loops.Prt.2. It’s another 5 track affair, featuring more beats that sound like they’re being played at high volume by your next-door neighbour. Head below to stream and purchase.

Jack Smith – 75 Beats

The humble beat tape is an often misunderstood fellow. Typical complaints include “there are no lyrics”, “the tracks are too short” and “there are too many of them”. If you are guilty of any such slights on the character of the beat tape, you might be better off surfing somewhere else. This is a shame, because you’ll miss out on a generous helping of well produced music exclusive to High-Rise. If you’re still here, Jack Smith made a beat tape called 75 Beats. It’s got 75 beats on it, the overwhelming majority of which are hot like fire. Download
it below:

Jack Smith – 75 Beats Part 1
Jack Smith – 75 Beats Part 2

Personal favourites include Bear ra, Crown Court, Princess 3 2 and his Erykah Badu remix, though there are really too many to mention. I can hear shades of Knxwledge and old Paul White here and there, so fans of those two (read: fans of hip hop music with intriguing qualities) should pick this up without delay. If you are in search of more from Jack or want to get in touch, hit up his SoundCloud.

Knxwledge – Karma.Loops.Prt.1

Knxwledge is showing no sign of giving up his release-a-month habit of the last year or so. Karma.Loops.prt.1 is a neat five track EP, released on April 1st but reassuringly 100% fool free. Yet another high quality release with little to no filler in spite of his prodigious output. Stream and purchase below.

BeatPete – Dope On Plastic Part 3

There’s a big stack of draft posts building up at High-Rise headquarters. The last week has been manic so the post-a-day regime I had going a little while back has suffered. Luckily, BeatPete is still throwing out quality mixtapes to sweeten the daily/nightly grind. Dope On Plastic Part 3 features tracks from Knxwledge, Union, Kankick, Ras G and Suff Daddy amongst many others. Stream and download below.

Knxwledge – Hexual.Sealings.Vol.2

Knxwledge is one of those artists who really came good for me during the High-Rise hiatus of ’11. His releases are prodigious and often stealthy, so I’m going to go ahead and nail my colours to the mast with Knx’s latest effort, Hexual Sealings Volume 2. Although ostensibly a post Dilla beatsmith with his syncopated beats and soulful chops, Knx has a distinct style all of his own. It’s more imaginative than most instrumental hip hop being put out at the moment, with distorted, murky melodies, sloppy, funky drums and the odd well-chosen acapella. Get started on Hexual Sealings Vol 2 below.

If you are new to Knxwledge, you have some very enjoyable, screwface inducing catching up to do. Since August 2009, he has put out well over 20 EPs, albums and beattapes, so I suggest you start with the first Hexual Sealings, Krapes and this bonus mixette, recorded live in Toronto.

BeatPete – Dope on Plastic Second Set

As promised, a quick heads up on BeatPete’s latest offering; the second part of his Dope on Plastic mix is now online. It boasts a similarly brilliant track selection, including Jneiro Jarel, Knxwledge, Eric Lau, Apollo Brown and Slum Village, and is currently helping those at High-Rise HQ recover from a début weekend in Berlin (what a place!). Go below to stream and download.

BeatPete Mixtapes

BeatPete just added unlimited downloads to his pile of mixtapes on SoundCloud. His Dope On Plastic mix has been a regular on the stereo at studio High-Rise, featuring the likes of Knxwledge, Kankick, Union, J Dilla and Suff Daddy. Listen below or click on the image for more tapes. Word on the street (Facebook) is volume two is imminent, so stay tuned for the latest.

BeatPete makes music with the Hit Ya Wit That collective out of Berlin, and you can find more from him here and here.