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Marvin Gaye – Ain’t That Peculiar (Oddisee Remix)

Emails from Mello Music Group have an unfortunate habit of getting promptly buried by a load of other stuff on arrival, meaning I end up sleeping on modern classics from Apollo Brown, 14KT and other talented folks from their impressive roster. Today, however, the High-Rise inbox was treated to a much-needed Spring clean, and just in time for this to arrive…

For those in need of an introduction, Oddisee is a Washington DC born rapper and producer who spends his time between his hometown, Brooklyn and London, collaborating with the likes of Diamond District, Tranqil and Damu the Fudgemunk. Ain’t That Peculiar will be released next week as part of Odd Renditions, a collection of remixes featuring K-Os, Bon Iver and Metronomy. Keep an eye on High-Rise for that one. Oddisee also has a brand new album due out June 12th, which you can pre-order here. If you need to catch up on Oddisee’s considerable discography, make sure you do it via his Bandcamp.

Stealing Words Volume One

My man Ruff Snippits has been at it again. This time, he’s stolen a bunch of words from right out the mouths of some of the most talented MCs and vocalists borne to this planet and layered them carefully over his own productions. But this sort of thing doesn’t always work. With classic tunes like Erykah Badu’s On and On, or Game Over by Dabrye, Jay Dee and Phat Kat, a remix can leave you yearning for that familiar beat. A whole album of this can leave you ready to pull off your fingernails one by one. No such problems here though, as Ruff Snippits is part of that upper percentile of unsigned producers who approach this sort of thing with a little more imagination than most. High-Rise staff have yet to settle on a favourite, but feel the flip of MF Doom’s Favourite Ladies is pretty special. Click on the link below to download the whole album.

Ruff Snippits – Stealing Words Volume One

There are some exciting noises drifting across the rooftops of Brighton from the Snippits penthouse lab at the moment, so be sure to stay tuned to High-Rise for the latest on his new projects. If you are hungry for more music from Ruff Snippits now then head over to his Myspace.


After picking a fight with the weekend and losing horribly, High-Rise is staying dusty and low key with a remix of Kalifornia by Canadian MC, Saukrates. The original samples D’Angelo, but the remix exchanges these  smooth RnB stylings for something a little more melancholy – it seems to put a new spin on the lyrics, the whole thing becomes more fragile and introspective. If anything, the poor quality of the recording adds to the effect.

The West Coast, back for all you suckas

My choice for this week is Mix Chopin‘s completely ridiculous remix of Dre & Snoop’s The Next Episode. The 19 year old Canadian producer can usually be found composing house music (a revivalist of French Filter house to be exact) but has turned his hand to remixing this classic in spectacular fashion. It sounds like the West Coast O.G.s have been drafted in to score a 70’s cop show.

Whoopty whoop, whaaaaat!?