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Tightface, JeenBassa & Al Dobson Jr in the Boiler Room

A couple of months ago, Boiler Room played host to a group of artists High-Rise gets very excited about. The mighty TightFace joined JeenBassa (formerly Jeen Wilda) and Al Dobson Jr. to drop 50 minutes of original productions on unsuspecting revellers and support Mo Kolours further up the bill. As with all Boiler Room sets, you can watch the chaps go about their business above, or listen and download below.

Watch One Handed Music for more news on this absurdly talented collective.


TightFace Interview

New music and an interview from High-Rise favourite TightFace. The good folks over at The Hungry Ear caught up with him before his Belfast show to talk influences, crate digging, and talented siblings. Click here to read the interview and journey south to check out Know How Now, an exclusive new track.

Regulars to High-Rise will know the name TightFace by now but if you need to catch up, make sure you grab copies Demonstration, Treasures of the Five Boroughs, and Remixes & Root Veg – all utterly essential.

TightFace – Demonstration

The way High-Rise sees it, mixtapes don’t come much bigger than the ones TightFace is pushing at the moment. Demonstration is the title of his latest effort, featuring a huge slice of new TightFace productions, crisply mixed down for your listening pleasure. I can’t remember looking forward to getting home this much since my mum bought me a Playstation 1. The South London-based One Handed affiliate is a regular on this blog and for very good reason. If you are a newcomer, make sure you pick up Remixes & Root Veg and his East Coast acapella laced mixtape, Treasures of the Five Boroughs. They should provide an ample introduction to his talents. Stream and download Demonstration below.

If you need even more TightFace, you can also find him hosting the February 23rd edition of the CDR Audio Show on NTS Radio here; a fine selection of funk, soul, dub, and exclusive tracks from TightFace, Mo Kolors and Jeen Wilda. We have Prog Porn to thank for the Demonstration mixtape, so be sure to check them out when you can. Thanks to Jack for the heads up.

Jeen Wilda

More new unreleased and unsigned business arrived at High-Rise this week. Jeen Wilda, Bath based producer and brother of TightFace, has dropped a nocturnal selection of high quality hip hop beats for your enjoyment. Ja’seek and Sky Beat have been on the right hand turntable constantly over this weekend. Click on the link below to download.

Jeen Wilda – On the Ridem

For more music from Jeen Wilda, check out his SoundCloud. Thanks to TOM YUM for the timely heads up.

Treasures of the Five Boroughs

Regulars to High-Rise will recognise the name TightFace by now. Remixes & Root Veg still regularly receives an absolute battering in the whip, on the headphones and out the speakers. Treasures of the Five Boroughs is an early contender for mixtape of the year and has left High-Rise very excited about the prospects of a TightFace release on Alex Chase’s One Handed Music imprint. He is also in dangerously close proximity to Paul White and has one or two very talented family members to look out for.

Treasures of the Five Boroughs is a solid half hour of TightFace production under a selection of classic acapellas by famous New Yorkers including Nas, Mos Def, Biggie, Talib Kweli and Ghostface. For the High-Rise staff, it really doesn’t get too much better than this. Maddest of props to One Handed Music for putting this up, make sure you follow @alex_chase for the latest news.

Do not sleep on TightFace.

To Love

TightFace has been at it again. Does this mean there is a release on One Handed Music in the pipeline? I certainly hope so. If you are curious to hear more from this elusive gentleman, or are a fan of listening to some of the most imaginative hip hop production of recent years then head right this way. After that, you could check out Ahu’s mix of unreleased Paul White beats here. Be sure to stay tuned to One Handed proprietor Alex Chase via his Twitter and SoundCloud for the heads up on new TightFace business, and sleep soundly in the knowledge that High-Rise will cover it. Thanks to TOM YUM for the link.

TightFace – Remixes & Root Veg

A very talented producer by the name of TightFace released this into the internetosphere several months ago. I know a few people picked up Remixes & Root Veg back then, but every time I listen to it I am reminded of how incredibly well produced it is. Some of the most imaginative and inspiring hip hop I have heard in ages. Highlights for me would have to be Feel This, Wind Shuffle, and his remix of Nas’ Book of Rhymes, though the entire collection excellent. Those in need of a download should click the link below.

TightFace – Remixes & Root Veg