Benji B on J Dilla relaunched earlier this year, opening its doors on February 1st to celebrate the life of one of the world’s greatest musical pioneers, J Dilla.  Since then, Waajeed and the Bling47 family have put out a huge amount of quality material, from previously unreleased Dilla beats to interviews with friends and collaborators. Earlier this week, they posted a second interview with Benji B, a man dedicated to the cause of good music and pretty much the most valuable thing on UK radio at the moment (with the possible exception of Mr Peterson). Check out the videos below to see him talk about two classic Dilla productions and the samples that inspired them.

If you harbour any doubts as to Benji B’s Dilla credentials, the rarities mix he compiled with Ge-ology will put them to rest. Check the 2011 High-Rise Dilla Birthday Special for a link. His first show in April on Radio 1 promises to be extra special, with Space Dimension Controller in the studio for a Science Fiction special. Get on Facebook to send him your track recommendations.


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